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Experience an original HIO Fitting

We analyze your golf clubs to help you improve

A professional fitting...

  • emphasizes your strengths and consistently helps you to improve your performance on the golf course.
  • reduces the need for compensation in your golf swing, which often is a result of the wrong equipment.
  • helps you trust your golf clubs and put faith into your entire game.

Fitting is suitable for everyone - whether you’re a professional or a beginner

For an advanced player a fitting presents an opportunity to reach a new level, whereas for beginners a fitting provides the ideal basis to learn a natural golf swing.

This is what you should know before you book a fitting at HIO:

  • A thorough analysis of all your golf clubs takes at least three hours
  • If you want to focus on just one aspect of your game, an hour and a half is usually sufficient
  • We offer a customization of your current equipment, as well as a wide range of new products
  • No matter which service you choose, you should always bring your current set of clubs
  • Shipment usually takes less than two weeks
GRIP:- Thickness- Weight- Material and ColorSHAFT:- Flex- Torque- Bend point- Weight- Pureing- Material and ColorHEAD:- Loft and Lie angle- Club face angle and Offset- Material and MOI- Bulge and Roll- Shape and ColorOTHERS:- Shaft length- Swing weight/MOI- Total Weight- Set configuration