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After more than a year of development we have released our very own putter, the Hopper. Top amateurs and golf club experts are impressed by its performance and versatility. The Hopper’s most impressive features are:

  • Loft and lie are easily and individually adjustable
  • Interchangeable weight between 5g and 60g
  • Innovative cast insert for ideal feedback
  • Extremely high MOI for a stable stroke
  • Various customizing options

The world’s leading putt-specialist says:

The new "Hopper" putter developed by HIO is characterized by its innovative and functional design. The high clubface and the adjustable weights on either side increase the size of the sweetspot, leading to more stability and better directional control. The soft material of the clubface gives precise feedback for a consistent distance. Through the variability of loft, lie, weight and shaft material, we at HIO can present an ideal fit for every typ of player. Measurements recorded by the SAM PuttLab confirm the aforementioned characteristics, leading to an improvement in direction, in the stroke and in consistency.

Dr. Christian Marquardt
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